The puck just dropped in Chicago, with the Blackhawks seeking to ice a 4-0 sweep in the NHL's Western Conference finals. Chicago sports a formidable 7-1 playoff road record, partly because they keep it loose with Mario Kart Wii.


The Tanooki's Matthew Dominick works for the team and shot this video for the Blackhawks' site earlier this weekend. Hawks center Colin Fraser is your host, taking you on a tour of a hotel conference center rigged with two Wiis - one on the "A" TV and the other the "B" TV for lesser performers. Defenseman Brian Campbell is super-intense; linemate Niklas Hjalmarsson less so, engaging in iPhone-distracted driving while still managing to win.

Even if you don't recognize the players, it's a good two-minute look at Canadian mullets, and what a playoff beard looks like 40 days deep into the postseason.


Chicago Blackhawks Bond Over Mario Kart Wii During Stanley Cup Playoffs [The Tanooki]

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Aw, they're playing with the stupid Wii Wheels. The gameplay is much more funnerer with the remote and nunchuck combination.

Good for them for playing anyway.