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Black Ops II Zombies Leak All Over the Internet [Correction]

Footage of Black Ops II Zombies has hit the web. Have a look, courtesy of As discussed by YouTube user xFlandies, gameplay footage of Black Ops II's zombie-infested maps made their way to YouTube, but have since been pulled.


Videos of Black Ops II Zombies have been making their way online since late last week. As website CVG pointed out, Activision is going around, trying to have footage taken down. It seems to be a losing battle.

Black Ops 2 Zombies GAMEPLAY LEAKED Everywhere! [xFlandies@YouTube via Eurogamer]

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Did the author even watch any of the videos that he posted a link to or is he just clueless or straight trolling. Every video that you linked as being black ops 2 zombie footage is just a retard talking about footage being leaked as hes playing black ops 1.... hell in the video he even says hes not going to show footage or post any links. WOW