Bizarre PS4 Game The Tomorrow Children Makes Hard Labor Fun

The Tomorrow Children is an odd exploration and social game that’s out now on the Playstation 4. Taking the role of a citizen laboring in the dangerous Void, it’s cute but brutal. Luckily, I’m here to deal with all the toil and monsters.

The biggest thing about The Tomorrow Children is that it is a community experience. I found a thriving player town called Vladluga and got to work mining minerals, hauling cargo, and defending the homestead from deadly creatures. It can be rewarding to contribute to the community but the work is thankless and never ends.


If Little Big Planet and Papers, Please were smashed together, this would be the result. It’s oddly addicting! I’m eager to return to my new motherland in the Void. Maybe if I work hard enough, I’ll finally be able to have my own house.

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