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Bizarre PS4 Game The Tomorrow Children Makes Hard Labor Fun

The Tomorrow Children is an odd exploration and social game that’s out now on the Playstation 4. Taking the role of a citizen laboring in the dangerous Void, it’s cute but brutal. Luckily, I’m here to deal with all the toil and monsters.


The biggest thing about The Tomorrow Children is that it is a community experience. I found a thriving player town called Vladluga and got to work mining minerals, hauling cargo, and defending the homestead from deadly creatures. It can be rewarding to contribute to the community but the work is thankless and never ends.

If Little Big Planet and Papers, Please were smashed together, this would be the result. It’s oddly addicting! I’m eager to return to my new motherland in the Void. Maybe if I work hard enough, I’ll finally be able to have my own house.

Former Senior Writer and Critic at Kotaku.

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Didn’t they give you a house by default, just for getting through the tutorial? The issue with that was finding a spot to put ANYTHING, because you can’t build too close to something else, and other people are building things that may or may not help the “town” left and right, all to make themselves look better, despite not actually thinking of the town.

Then, like you said, it is very thankless, since you have a very limited carrying capacity, and anything you dump in the loading area is automatically taken on the next bus heading out, regardless if you’re on it or not. And then it gets dumped in town where any of the vultures can just swoop in and steal everything before you even know they’re there, because no one shows up unless they do something that affects the area, like picking up items or using the turrets to destroy the town while not-godzilla blasts the fuck out of everything else, or people get swarmed by giant mosquitos right next to you.

It’s less a game about being social, and more a game about screwing society. Sure, you can reprimand someone for doing something wrong, like bombing the police station, but that barely puts a dent into their credits when they can just kill anyone who gets off the bus and steal everything there.

Credits are earned by doing things, mainly good things. You get credits just for the number of times you swing your axe, or pick, or shovel. You get credits for building stairs, picking up stuff, dropping it in the loading zone, and for moving that stuff from the unloading zone to the resources. You even get credits for bringing in more “people,” but that’s limited to how well the players work together, and that’s damn near impossible when there’s almost no means of communication other than a whistle. And that therein is the flaw in the reprimanding, because people can disappear within seconds of doing something dastardly and get away with it.

You get credits for reprimanding ne’er-do-wells, attacking monsters, killing monsters, building things, actually BUILDING that thing (because you do slider puzzles to create a seed for a construct, which is then dumped where anyone can take it and build or not build it)... So just because you’re the one that mined 80 pieces of gold, doesn’t mean you’ll get the credit for harvesting it all for the town. And then people will just go and burn through all the resources making useless signs instead of building a new police station so you can expand the town.

You could spend your credits on pitiful, not-dirt-cheap-but-still-made-cheap low-end equipment that could create platforms leading up, over, around, make slabs, or erect bridges... The tutorial gave you some high-end stuff, but the cost to replace what you use up (and everything can be used up till it just disappears, no reloading anything other than the turrets).

Also, everyone’s character is a little girl wearing a dress with black hair. The only differences are outfits that might just add a different texture pattern, pallet, or hat. It’s kinda offputting when everyone’s identical except two people.

The only thing I really liked was the transition between towns. The subway looked really nice.