BioWare's Star Wars Games Are Not Official Star Wars Canon

With the new Star Wars movies, Disney basically tossed out everything in the Extended Universe. At last week’s fan convention, someone asked what it meant for BioWare’s games.

What “canon” means for Star Wars has changed in the last few years. While Disney is reigning in what is and isn’t considered “official,” it’s still open to material that’s outside the timeline. The Extended Universe is now “Legacy,” and while it’s possible characters and storylines could find their way into upcoming Star Wars stories, it gives Disney a chance to do a lore reboot.


Take Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO collaboration between BioWare and Electronic Arts, for example. According to the Star Wars braintrust, it’s going to leave all of that alone.

During a Q&A session, creative executive Pablo Hidalgo clarified their position.

Another fan asked whether the next crop of films, books, and movies might touch that period.


In other words, maybe we shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. I’d take Knights of the Old Republic 3 in the meantime, though.


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