Beyond: Two Souls Wants You to Know It's a Film with Exclusive DLC

Beyond: Two Souls, the PS3 exclusive game coming from Quantic Dream was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, and presented this, its official trailer. It's a big deal for a video game to get that kind of serious treatment, so the trailer goes all out in presenting itself as a serious film.


And then you get the pre-order come-on and the Gamestop-exclusive DLC notice.

I don't know if festival goers actually saw that part (this was uploaded by the PlayStation YouTube channel) but still, after 2:30 of doing its damndest to make you think Beyond: Two Souls is a film-festival movie, it only needs 10 to remind you it's still very much a video game.

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Gawker is Dead

Honestly, and especially lately, I rather enjoy this kind of games with meaningful plot and "short but sweet" gameplay, rather than a game that needlessly drags on way too long and tries to do way too much while not mastering anything, and gets boring fast (like far Cry 3)