To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Do You Know What Today Is? Do You? Some people might think that during the day talk within Kotaku Tower always centers around games, gaming and their derivatives. And that, perhaps, we spend our non-gaming moments talking about deeper, more meaningful things, like the fight to preserve the Ethiopian wolf or the failing ruble. They'd be wrong. Take for instance this snapshot of an actual conversation between Fahey and Stuart today. This really happened:Michael F. There is a smell in my house. And I cannot find it. Stuart H. Describe smell Michael F. Like spoiled milk Stuart H. Might it just be spoiled milk? Michael F. I don't have milk though. :( Stuart H. Clearly the only logical explanation is that someone is breaking into your house and putting milk in it. An escaped mental patient, perhaps. Or a dairy goblin. Michael F. Frakking dairy goblins. I knew it. Stuart H. You can buy dairy goblin traps in hardware stores, but for major infestations you may have to buy a Gila Monster Michael F. I'll just borrow my mother's Stuart H. sounds like a plan True story... and beware the Dairy Goblin. What you missed: Lionhead Promises Big Fable II News Next Week Fat Princess Devs Working on Unreal Engine 3-Based MMO GameStop Has More Wrath Of The Lich King Collector's Editions Atlus Cosplayers Do Atlus Proud Richard Garriott Bids Farewell To NCsoft Frankenreview: Resistance 2 Mirror's Edge PC Version Plus Cross-Platform DLC In January NFL Retirees Win $28M in Madden Lawsuit Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review: Aw, Nuts