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Epic Games China has acquired the team behind upcoming Playstation 3 downloadable Fat Princess and created a new studio for them in Seattle. Titan Studios is made up of developers from Ubisoft, Epic Games, Scion Studios, Blizzard Entertainment and Lionhead Studios. The core of the team, previously operated by Darkstar Industries, began production on Sony's upcoming DL title Fat Princess, set to release next year. The team is also working on unannounced Unreal Engine 3 based games including a massively multiplayer online game, according to the press release. “Titan Studios offers a way for intellectual property owners to leverage Unreal Engine 3 and Epic Games China’s full suite of game development services,” said Jay Wilbur, vice president of Epic Games, Inc. “Not only are Titan developing award-winning, original IP of their own, they also have resources available to help other studios increase productivity and minimize risk.” Epic Games China is the outsourcing division of Epic Games.


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