Atlus just announced the winners of their 2008 Atlus-O-Weenie Halloween Costume Contest, which had fans of the company's games dressing themselves up as popular characters for a chance at an Atlus prize pack filled with goodies. Judging from some of the shots they received the real winner here was the folks on the other end of the entry email address. Just look at this cosplay of Velvet from Odin Sphere. The sheer amount of physical fitness represented in that one picture alone is enough to leave my lazy ass winded - and she didn't even win! No, Velvet was just a runner up. The winner was the girl who dressed up as Izuna, The Unemployed Ninja, who did a lovely job of representing the DS series despite not having quite the same assets to work with. Check out the gallery for the rest of the runners up, or hit the link to see all the entries, a disturbing number of which have guns pointed at their heads.


Atlus-O-Weenie Contest Entries [Atlus]