Because it's so taboo to acknowledge that people gamble on sports with real currency, newspaper touts often use "units," "simoleons," "sirignanos" or "guineas." For the Super Bowl, Matt Sussman, a writer and friend of sister site Deadspin, is using rupees.

Some of Suss's wagers, on actual money lines for actual prop bets. Much more at the link:

• First team to score: A blue rupee and two greens (7 total) on the Saints.
• Carrie Underwood singing the national anthem in 1:42: Suss takes the over with a red and a blue (25).
• Who the Super Bowl MVP thanks first. Suss lays a purple 50-rupee on God.
• Someone in The Who smashes a guitar at halftime. He's betting two blues and a green (11) on "no."


Of course, when it comes to picking the winner, Suss goes balls out and wagers the 8-bit maximum: 255 on the Colts.

Super Bowl Bets, Legend Of Zelda-Style [Blogcritics Sports]

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