Betting on the Super Bowl in Zelda Rupees

Because it's so taboo to acknowledge that people gamble on sports with real currency, newspaper touts often use "units," "simoleons," "sirignanos" or "guineas." For the Super Bowl, Matt Sussman, a writer and friend of sister site Deadspin, is using rupees.

Some of Suss's wagers, on actual money lines for actual prop bets. Much more at the link:

• First team to score: A blue rupee and two greens (7 total) on the Saints.
• Carrie Underwood singing the national anthem in 1:42: Suss takes the over with a red and a blue (25).
• Who the Super Bowl MVP thanks first. Suss lays a purple 50-rupee on God.
• Someone in The Who smashes a guitar at halftime. He's betting two blues and a green (11) on "no."


Of course, when it comes to picking the winner, Suss goes balls out and wagers the 8-bit maximum: 255 on the Colts.

Super Bowl Bets, Legend Of Zelda-Style [Blogcritics Sports]

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