Better AI, Awesomer Guns in Borderlands 2, or so I'm Told

My copy of Game Informer did not arrive today. Time and the Columbia alumni rag, which I actively do not want, did. So I will not be reading about Borderlands 2 this weekend, as some are.

The game's GI tract says the characters from the original will return as NPCs; enemies will have better AI and interactions (a must after the first game), a weapons overhaul, customizable armaments, and a new currency and resource system


I'm going off what others are saying; wanted you to be aware of it too, because as we know, until something is announced it does not exist. Game Informer's web site will dole out the details piecemeal. Right now it's just the mag's cover reveal.

Borderlands 2 [Game Informer]

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