Upcoming DLC will enable 360 owners to continue exploring the wasteland after they complete Fallout 3's main quest. But Bethesda again says no such capability will be extended to the PS3 version.

MTV Multiplayer went back to the developer to ask about the possibility. "Not at this time, no," said executive producer Todd Howard.


Welp, that answer carries the whiff of money, I'd say. Specifically the cost to write this for their PS3 install base couldn't be justified, or Microsoft's paying them some to keep it exclusive. Because I'm not sure many developers would dismiss out of hand a chance to extend a gameplay experience.

The "Broken Steel" DLC will drop in March. It also ups the level cap to 30.

Bethesda Won't Commit To PS3 ‘Fallout 3′ Getting Ability To Play Post-Ending