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Bethesda Announces Elder Scrolls VI

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During today’s press conference, Bethesda briefly teased The Elder Scrolls VI.

It was just a brief teaser that showed a large landscape, and Todd Howard implied it’ll be coming after single-player sci-fi RPG Starfield, which he announced seconds beforehand. If I had to guess, Elder Scrolls VI will almost certainly be on the next generation of consoles. So you know, get excited about that—and then stow that excitement away like a squirrel hiding acorns in a tree trunk, preparing for a long, cold, Elder-Scrolls-less winter.


Or, you know, just play Elder Scrolls Blades to tide yourself over.

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I love how the only things people wanted from this conference was Doom 2, Starfield, and Elder Scrolls VI and all we essentially got were title screens for two of them and barely a teaser for the third.