Bethesda Announces Elder Scrolls VI

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During today’s press conference, Bethesda briefly teased The Elder Scrolls VI.

It was just a brief teaser that showed a large landscape, and Todd Howard implied it’ll be coming after single-player sci-fi RPG Starfield, which he announced seconds beforehand. If I had to guess, Elder Scrolls VI will almost certainly be on the next generation of consoles. So you know, get excited about that—and then stow that excitement away like a squirrel hiding acorns in a tree trunk, preparing for a long, cold, Elder-Scrolls-less winter.


Or, you know, just play Elder Scrolls Blades to tide yourself over.

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The more important question is what is the region and name. Is it Elder Scrolls 6: Hammerfell, or maybe High Rock. Only area I think that snippet reminds me of.

My lore is a tad rusty though.