You've heard the theme to Bowser's castle from Super Mario Bros. But have you heard it remixed in kind of a hip-hop way and officially commissioned by Nintendo as part of the Pictobits soundtrack?

A reader rightly chided me for omitting mention of YMCK in my Pictobits review last month. That's YMCK, the Japanese chiptunes artist who I'd previously not heard of. And that's Pictobits, the Tetris-looking DSi downloadable exclusive puzzle game from Skip Ltd and Nintendo. It is played like you are using the stylus as a pixel-collecting and pixel-drawing eyedropper, and it is designed with pure love for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The blocks you clear gradually illustrate beloved sprites from the NES era.


And the music... the soundtrack is comprised of remixes from YMCK of classic Nintendo songs. I couldn't find an official issuing of the soundtrack, but you can check out more samples of the music associated with the YouTube clip above.

Pictobits is available in the DSiWare shop for 500 Nintendo points or $5 USD. Not a bad price for 17 remixes of classic Nintendo tunes, to say nothing of the game that you play while listening to them.

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