Being a Video Game Tester is Just a Damn Job, Okay?

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Earlier this week we posted a story article regarding the hardships of being a QA tester in the video game industry. Commenter Gunflame is here to set the record straight—it's a job, get over it.


Hey Kotaku, please don't post whiny bullshit from IGN regarding game QA. It's not accurate, and it certainly does not show the whole picture. It skews what it's really like, and it does nothing to help promote working in the industry.

Yes, the hours can be longer. But only as long as the guys in the rest of the studio. Or as long as any job anywhere when something needs to be done. It is not QA specific. It is not industry specific.

Yes, the pay is low. It's entry level, no skills required, what do you expect?

Yes, you can get dropped after the rest of the development team. It's normal, but not likely. And if you work for an outsourced company, this is what happens in all jobs all over the world. You are temp. It's obvious when you join.

QA is a job. You do not get paid to play, you get paid to test. You get paid to work. It is a very, very normal job. Do not make it out to be more than that.

There are people that I have worked with, and they love their job in QA. There are people that I have worked with, and they hate there job in QA, but they would also hate any job that is an entry level position. Monotony is expected.


Stop putting negative attention on the role. Get some better facts about the structure and flow, and push the damn issue that it's a job. IT'S A JOB. IT'S WORK.

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Sandrockcstm Gaming

Not accurate?


Scroll down and read the "Tales from the trenches." Then tell me it's "just a damn job." We're talking 3rd world treatment here, and plenty of stories to confirm it.

This is not normal man, and if you think it is, you've spent way too much time in the industry.