Behold the Majestic Power of Karate

This is Rika Usami. An her karate kata skills are truly a sight to see.

Recently, a World Karate Federation clip featuring Usami has been getting lots of YouTube play, racking up over a hundred thousand views in the past month. The clip is actually from earlier this year at the World Championships in Paris. And if you haven't seen it, do watch it.


Rika Usami of Japan [WKFKarateWorldChamps@YouTube via Watashi to Tokyo]

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I am going to come across as an elitist but whatever I will risk it. While it's beautiful and entertaining to watch I can't help but see the flaws in martial arts like these. I was trained in Kung-Fu San Soo which utilizes leverage to take away your opponent's power. You utilize your legs to strike harder. These strikes are weak, fast but very weak. The only reason I say this is because of the way she moves. It looks great choreographically speaking but not as effective in my view. Of course that is subjective.. You get her against someone who doesn't know anything about self defense and she will win. and yes, I know what people are going to say "where are your credentials" I am a green belt in kung-fu san soo. Note, you cannot equate this to the same degree as other belts in other martial arts since in san soo belts are a matter of age. San Soo teaches you how to fight according to your body type, it isn't a point scoring system. When we practice we don't back up after blocking to score more points. It is about brutally disabling or killing your opponent.. which is why there aren't tournaments. Our greenbelts have taken the same amount of time as many blackbelts in other martial arts schools. I know I sound elitist but I am just highly opinionated. Speed is neat and all but once you get within striking distance of someone nobody can react fast enough to block. If people know what they are doing fights are over within a couple seconds. There is a certain level of reaction time we all possess, my master taught us this by pointing his finger at us and making a bang noise in which we were supposed to clap as soon as he did. We were all within the same time frame of reaction with minor discrepancies. Is she knowledgeable? Sure, would I want to fight her.. no. Do I see flaws in karate? most definitely. Again, I understand when it comes to martial arts it can be a sensitive subject such as religion or politics and I do not wish to offend. These are merely my thoughts and opinions.