Beatles Remasters Hit Day And Date With Rock Band Game

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The release of The Beatles: Rock Band is going to be a "big deal." We know. But it's going to be a bigger deal than we'd expected.

While we had little doubt that MTV Games, Harmonix and Apple Corps would be doing their damnedest to drum up press for the Rock Band game planned to arrive this Fall, we're now expecting nothing short of Beatlemania. That's because the band is finally issuing remastered editions of its key albums—14 of them—day and date with the release of The Beatles: Rock Band on September 9th.

Most of these albums haven't gotten this kind of remastering attention for more than two decades. And this endeavor is one four years in the remastering, according to Apple Corps.


The newly remastered albums, from Please Please Me to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to Yellow Submarine, are promised to feature "the highest fidelity the catalog has seen since its original release."

Wonder if that means that The Beatles: Rock Band will feature the newly remastered versions of these songs, something that may not matter as much to audiophiles as they'll be heard amid the din of switch clicking and plastic drum head tapping.

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onkel fritz

Normally I wouldn't be hyped for a band game, but with the Beatles and Rock Band paired up it seems a little more exciting than Aerosmith or Metallica (and GH)... to me at least