Beat The Heat With Dragon Age This Summer

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Fans can get their hands on Dragon Age: Origins at five different venues this summer before the game goes on sale for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall.


BioWare's epic fantasy will be making the rounds at various comic cons and consumer expos across the glob starting in July and ending in early September. Here's the lineup:

July 22-26, San Diego Comic-Con (San Diego, California)
August 13-16, Gen-Con (Indianapolis, Indiana)
August 19-23, GamesCon (Cologne, Germany)
August 28-30, Fan Expo Canada (Toronto, Canada)
September 4-6, Penny Arcade Expo Seattle (Seattle, Washington)

Last year at PAX, there was a pretty spiffy Dragon Age booth set up near the entrance to the exhibit hall. BioWare reps were demoing the game for small groups of 10-20 at a time and giving everyone who got in a lurid orange t-shirt that's probably one of the softest swag shirts I've ever touched. It was probably one of the longer lines I've waited in next to the Fallout 3 hands-on exhibit.

This might be the only chance fans have to actually play the game before it comes out — BioWare hasn't said a word about an XBLA or PSN demo so far — so if you live near any of those venues and really want a look at the game before buying it, go check it out.

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Am I the only one who thought Bioware was focusing on the PC release, and that the console versions would be coming out later, possibly quite a bit later? This is great news. I won't be able to preview, but then it's Bioware. So I'm good.