Bayonetta TV Commercial FIGHT

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of upcoming action game Bayonetta have already been compared. Game mag Famitsu says the Xbox 360 version is superior. But which TV commercial is better — the Xbox 360 or PS3?

We've already seen this lips-lickin' glasses lady before and are merely revisiting for the purposes of comparison. That is all!


And, of course, here's the multi-platform advert — much of which Sony seems to be recycling.

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Even if I enjoyed this genre of game, I have absolutely no interest in buying this game or even playing it. I'm seriously baffled that nobody else seems upset at how blatantly sexist and objectifying this game is. It just shows how far behind Japan is in gender relations that they can get away with a game that bases it's primary appeal off of objectifying the female form. #bayonetta