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Bayonetta's "Perfect" Famitsu Score - There's A Catch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

PlatinumGames' sexy shoot 'n' kick fest Bayonetta made headlines earlier today for securing a "perfect" 40 out of 40 score from the editors of Japan's Famitsu magazine. That's kind of a big deal. But there's a footnote worth mentioning.


See, those "perfect" Famitsu scores are generally granted very infrequently—although that frequency has definitely increased over the years. Bayonetta was noteworthy for being the first multi-platform game to be awarded that score. It would also set a record for the number of 40 out of 40 scores awarded in one year, assuming that Final Fantasy XIII will, out of courtesy, achieve the same.

Now we know it's also the first time a game has been awarded a 40 and a 38 by the mag, according to what appear to be shots of Famitsu's review section from 2channel.


How so? Well, that quartet of 10s awarded by the Famitsu editorial staff is only for the Xbox 360 version. The PlayStation 3 port handled by SEGA, clearly lagging behind its more perfect sibling, was granted a 38 out of 40 from Famitsu. That's obviously still quite good, if you put any weight into magazine review scores. But it's sure to lead to some squabbling from the console camps people have aligned themselves with.

Don't worry about it too much. Just call it another reason to get the Xbox 360 version, if you have the means.