Earlier this week, both FIFA and Madden said their upcoming versions on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be able to transfer their Ultimate Team rosters to Xbox One and PS4 once those titles launch. Their cousins over at Battlefield say they're looking into doing something similar, too.

That comes via Battlefield's official Twitter on Thursday:

It's good that DICE is thinking of this, and it's be a positive gesture toward diehards who will end up buying two copies of the game. As I said in the Madden/FIFA item, though, if you can do it between generations, why can't some kind of transfer be done between editions on the same platform?


This is more relevant to sports, perhaps; Battlefield 3's progression is and probably should be a different thing from Battlefield 4's because of separate maps, weapons and their attributes, and such. Still, it shows the capability is there if EA feels generous enough to use it.

[via Joystiq]