Battlefield Bad Company 2 Players Prefer PC To Console

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These days, multiplatform games tend to be dominated by console gamers. Modern Warfare 2, for example, has a relatively tiny PC-playing community. Not so for Battlefield Bad Company 2!


DICE associate producer Barrie Tingle has revealed that at the moment, during the week of the game's retail release, more people are playing the PC version of the game than are playing the 360 or PS3 editions (though not as many as both combined).

Sure, Battlefield is a franchise with its spiritual home on the PC, but still. It's nice to see not everybody has abandoned the ol' mouse and keyboard in favour of the couch and a Dualshock 3.

Updates to the servers now and soon [EA, thanks Ryan!]


Komrade Kayce

Lol, the PC elitism in here is both humourous and disgusting at the same time.

PC only gamers really don't take not being the center of attention very well, do you. I mean, worse than PS3 or Xbox fanboys.

Mayyyyybe not worse than Apple fanboys. But pretty close. :)

A single article like this one and you get 'yeah, the console version sucks' and 'of course, who would use a controller' and 'the fanbase is more sophisticated/educated/better somehow'.

I got news for ya.

1. The console version is just as fun. Care to tell me how the PC's prettier graphics make it more fun?

2. Lots of people prefer a controller to a KB/M. The amount of 'rabble rabble rabble there is only one way to play, using kb/m' is a sign of ignorance. As long as everyone in the game you're playing is using the same control setup with the same peripheral, and it works, who the hell cares? Certainly not console-ers, since otherwise they'd be gaming on a PC. Or if they do care, it can't be that much.

3. Then the classic 'PC gamers are more mature and sophisticated', HA. Scroll down. Nuff said. A single article like this, and you get all the smarmy jackalopes swarming out of the woodwork.

I'm not saying that being able to rub something in console's faces isn't justified after years of increased neglect from devs and gamers alike (PC gaming is dying, etc), but the fact that its happening (such comments!) also lends credence to the idea that PC gamers are immature jackasses, just like the console gamers they vilify.

You're all the same. Your game console just cost more and has about a million more features. :P