Battlefield 3 Premium Trailer Attacks a Little Early

Heading into battle a little early ahead of its official announcement, here's a trailer for Battlefield 3 Premium, EA's bundled service for the online shooter.


In some ways BF3P is EA's answer to Call of Duty Elite. In other ways, it's a glorified season pass. Read more about it here.


UPDATE - The original video has been removed from YouTube, but we've updated with a fresh copy.

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I hate to be the downer here, but I want to make sure everything thinks before they buy Premium tomorrow. What got you excited in this video? From reading the comments here, it seems like everyone is all giddy over the Armored Kill footage. Understandable. It looks freaking awesome, and I can't wait. But put your money away for a second and wait.

You have already seen CQ, so no need to talk about that. AK looks awesome, even though we saw a 20 second clip of one map that was clearly recorded in a favorable way. (side note: The aircraft featured in the trailer is NOT an AC-130, it is a C-130. Unless the picture is inaccurate, which is possible, you aren't going to be firing Howitzer shells from an aircraft). Fair enough. But what do you know about Aftermath and End Game? Assuming you were getting CQ and AK, you are taking a $20 risk on these expansion packs. Assuming you are only getting AK, like many are, you are making a $35 risk (worth more than both packs together).

The only thing holding be back from getting Premium is these last two expansions. Specifically, are they MP expansions? The video only mentions new weapons, vehicles, and game modes that are featured in B2K (which is still a part of this service, remember), CQ, and AK. They mention that there are 20 new maps. They don't specify multiplayer, single player, or co-op. They just say "maps".

Isolated, that is completely explainable. But then think a minute. DICE has said they would love to add more SP and co-op maps in DLC in the past. Aftermath, to me, implies some sort of post-nuclear war world. A lot of people think the same. Here are some minor SP spoilers, but remember the nuclear explosion in Paris, the threats of nuclear war, and the unfinished business that the Russian guy implies in his closing speech? The nuclear explosion aspect of SP was never cleared up, and IMO, a DLC titled "Aftermath" ties in too well with that. Now think of the other DLC. "End Game". When I first saw that, I thought zombies. The tagline in the trailer is "fight for your survival". We've seen the popularity of zombie-themed games rising recently, with Day-Z and BO zombies. I think this expansion could very well be a zombie-themed expansion (if not that, then maybe a dinosaur thing, but that doesn't change anything). Now, IMO again, a zombie themed expansion doesn't fit with the MP gameplay in any way. So unless it is a standalone expansion like Vietnam was, then my best guess is that it is a co-op expansion, where you can fight hordes of zombies like in Black Ops.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. But neither of the last two DLCs fit into the style of MP that BF3 has. Without any information about them, I am left to assume, and my assumptions lead me to believe they are not MP expansions. I don't want to buy non-MP DLC. I'm not going to put my $50 into Premium without any information on these expansions. I'd rather spend the $30 for AK and CQ separately, and then see what the last two turn out to be. I'm not a sucker who is pulled in by gimmicks like "DOGTAGS" and "QUEUE PRIORITY". The only way I buy premium is if I decide I want 3 of the 4 expansion packs remaining, and I only know about 2 right now.