Leak Reveals Battlefield Premium, EA’s Answer to Call of Duty Elite

What's better than Elite? EA is hoping the answer is Premium.

The mega-publisher's plans for a paid subscription service for the Battlefield action franchise have revealed via a PlayStation store update reported on Eurogamer. The inadvertent leak outed a June 4th release date and a price of 50 euros or about $62 dollars.


The service's exclusive goodies will reported include a special in-game knife, dog tags, soldier camos, weapon camos and extra Assignments. A report from Joystiq—sourced to NeoGAF— claims that five BF3 expansion packs will be part of the deal, along with two weeks of early access to unreleased packs. Premium users might also have promised a stat-reset ability and would get priority in server queues.

It's been no secret that Electronic Arts has admired and may be even envied how Activision was able to squeeze even more money out of gamers with the Call of Duty Elite subscription service. EA CEO Peter Moore said as much the last time Kotaku talked to him, hinting that they'd have more to announce in the future. Except that they didn't do the announcing. When contacted for comment, EA wouldn't confirm the details above but told said the following: "Looks like the excitement for Battlefield Premium cannot be contained. For details, please visit Battlefield.com on June 4."


(image via Joystiq from a NeoGAF post)

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