Battlefield 3 Gets the Freddie Wong Treatment, and It's Pretty Damn Good

Battlefield 3 has finally figured out that the key to making a successful television ad is not to pick a theme song whose essential lyrics must be bleeped, and just put it all in the hands of filmmaker Freddie Wong.


Using Back to Karkand's forklift and "online battle tactics that many of you should know and love," Wong, with Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital, with this 60-second spot in just 10 days. It will begin airing soon. Freddie's excited, and he's also excited that he got to use real explosions and a tank. And we're excited for him.

[h/t LulzJager]



Was pretty good tbh. Problem is, lots of the stuff in the video is only known by fans of the series. Jihad Jeep, C4 spamming, people driving off in vehicles that are empty.

People who have only ever played, lets say, CoD, will prob not understand everything in the video. Plus, some will think the Bobcat driving is just a joke, but it's a long standing thing from the early days.

Still, good job.