Battlefield 1's New Spectator Mode Highlights Player Stories

Battlefield 1's December Update has dropped. It adds a new map, Giant’s Shadow, as well as a surprisingly robust spectator mode. The tool is easy to use and allows players to see the Great War from a whole new perspective.


Spectator Mode can be accessed when selecting your server. A quick look at information will allow you to join as a spectator. From there, you’ll have powerful camera tools that make it quick and easy to see some epic multiplayer moments. A version of this tool existed in Battlefield 4 but it feels much more grounded in Battlefield 1. It’s caused me to rethink my stance on the game’s two modes.

Shifting between soldiers and adjusting your camera can create for some tense moments. A single match of multiplayer has dozens of stories. Spectator mode makes it easy to observe them. For instance, I can watch this soldier down below scramble to reload his grenade crossbow before they are shot down by the sniper above.

Changing perspectives and viewpoints also complement the game’s impressive audio and visuals. Snapping to the ground level beside this gunner allows me to watch the animations in detail. An otherwise straight forward moment on the field receives a jolt of fresh energy.


There are hiccups. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at first. You’ll hit buttons and snap to nonsense or lose your subject. Knowing how to change camera modes is particularly clunky on consoles. The interface is busy as well. Thankfully, you can toggle most of it off if you’re looking for something more cinematic.

Don’t enter into this expecting to capture glorious events right away. Start simple. Follow one soldier around and observe their struggles. Free the camera and sweep around. Find the hotbeds of action. Try looking at them in ways you never thought. It will click after a while.


Battlefield 1 is a gorgeous game. With so much chaos, it’s hard to appreciate sometimes. Spectator Mode gives players a chance to soak up the atmosphere. You can zoom in to see individual stories or pull out to see the awesome scale of each battle.


Trade in your carbine for a camera. You might be surprised what you see.

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Glad they finally implemented this. As much as I love playing this game, sometimes its just as awesome to sit back and enjoy watching other people’s gameplay to get some tips on how to improve.