But put a sniper into my hands in a big battle royale like Fortnite and I’m just garbage. On PC, with the help of a mouse, I improve a little. But not enough to make me feel any better. It doesn’t matter what battle royale game I play. I just suck at sniping.

In a game like Halo, I can work around this. I can stay mobile, avoid open areas, use vehicles, grab a sword, etc. But in Fortnite or PUBG, sniping is such a big part of the game that I often feel like I have a hand tied behind my back when playing against 99 other players. I still win, but usually, those wins come from matches that end in urban areas of the map, where the power of the sniper is less useful. Or because I hide really well and someone walks into my little hidden spot and I destroy them with a shotgun.

I’ve tried practicing my sniper skills over the years. I’ve spent nights only picking up snipers in Fortnite or other games, hoping that if I force myself to use the damn things then I’ll get better. But seven paragraphs into a post about how awful I am at sniping probably makes it clear that none of it has helped much.


At this point, I’ve just given up hope that I’ll get better. Instead, I just get jealous watching other players destroy their enemies from far away.