Disturbed, Judas Priest and Cheap Trick (pictured) are challenging the top three user bands in the nation tonight on SPIKE TV's "30 Minutes to Midnight," the official countdown show for the launch of Rock Band 2. The three bands challenge the users to play their songs, among the hardest in the game, with other competitive twists. There will also be a guy who can finish a song playing all four instruments at once. If you're one of those people transfixed by watching others play this game really well, you might want to flip over. More details, plus exclusive screengrabs from the show (taped live before a studio audience, like "Cheers") on the jump."30 Minutes to Midnight" airs at, well, 30 minutes to midnight US Eastern time tonight. The user bands are from the Xbox 360 community (Earth Wind and Centaur! Die! In a Fire, and Here Comes a New Challenger). In addition to playing straight up, there will also be a challenge mode in which they have to play the notes from memory with none on the screen. So we'll see if Rock Band really has taught anyone to rock out. Here's the one-man band:

... aaaand a "drum-off"