Bashcraft's Residence In Japan Might Get Permanent

To: Fahey
From: Ashcraft


So! Today, I got a postcard in the mail from immigration. A while back I applied for permanent residence here in Japan. Permanent residence would mean that I would never have to renew my visa and could stay here as long as I like. Sounds good! (However, it would not entitle me to the right to vote in national or local, which is reserved for Japanese citizens only.) Basically, it would help ease worries that a refused visa could, you know, split up the family — a very scary thought. Granted, this hasn't been approved. I have to go to immigration, and then they will tell me yay or nay. According to the post card, must go there in the next few weeks. Kinda nervous! Hope I got the permanent resident visa...

Was talking to fellow Japan resident and buddy CheapyD today from CheapAssGamer about the game drive for troops. CheapyD's a good dude — still need to take the guy out for sammiches or something at E3. Last year at TGS, he treated Crecente and I to a sumo match in Tokyo and then bought us all booze later. For a guy named Cheapy, he's surprisingly not cheap.


Wait, maybe he is cheap and generous. I imagine you can be both, no? Well, Cheapy is!

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Bring Back Duckman!

I thought years of American strongarming the country would have allowed US spouses of Japanese citizens would have granted you citizenship. Aww...

But this is great! You're now a permanent resident of Japan, you can finally own a house.

Still having the occasional Mega Mac with CheapyD?