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Earlier this year, we brought word of the Cheap Ass Gamer drive to collect games for the US military troops in Iraq. Just a reminder that the drive isn't over and strong. Kevin Stewart, the fella in charge of the Donation Drive, is an independent contractor in Iraq and comes from CheapAssGamers website forums. He has taken up the task of running the donation drive after the previous community member and US Marine Shane Neuhaus stepped down due to his tour in Iraq being over. Over at CAG, Kevin Stewart says:

The young men and women over here need to find a release from the stresses of life in a combat zone and you guys have helped them tremendously. By donating games to occupy their time you may have kept them from drinking or other stupid mistakes that could cost them their career or life.

I am not a soldier, sailor, Marine or Airman; I am a civilian contractor who has been here for close to 3 years. I am not asking you to donate games for us but would like to continue the work that Shane Neuhaus has started and be a relay point for your contributions. I will provide you with pictures and a short detail of who got the games and what they plan to do with them.

If there are any questions about the legitimacy of my intentions you are more than welcome to e-mail me ... My mailing address is listed below and I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Kevin Stewart


APO, AE 09381

From the 22nd Kevin will be away on leave till the 6th of June so please use either of the following 2 email address for any direct questions/comments in regards to the donation drive.

Micah Johnson and Stanley Hobbs is the name of Kevin's two associates who will be dealing with anything in regards to the donation while he is away on leave.

Here is a list of restrictions in regards to what can be sent and proper shipping procedure to the donation APO address.


Restrictions for Zip Code 09381

A - Securities, Currency or Precious Metals Securities, currency, or precious metals in their raw, unmanufactured state are prohibited. Official shipments are exempt from this restriction.

A1 - Any Service Member Mail addressed to "Any Servicemember", or similar wording such as "Any Soldier", "Sailor", "Airman", or "Marine"; "Military Mail"; etc., is prohibited. Mail must be addressed to an individual or job title such as "Commander", "Commanding Officer", etc.

B - Form 2976-A Form 2976-A is required for all mail weighing 16 ounces or more, with exceptions noted below. In addition, mailers must properly complete required customs documentation when mailing any potentially dutiable mail addressed to an APO or FPO regardless of weight. The following are exceptions to the requirement for customs documentation on non-dutiable mail that weighs 16 ounces or more:

Known mailers are exempt from providing customs documentation on non-dutiable letters, and printed matter weighing 16 ounces or more. (A known mailer is anyone who legally applies a permit imprint to a mailpiece. Mail with meter postage is not considered to be from a known mailer.)


All federal, state, and local government agencies are exempt from providing customs documentation on mail addressed to an APO or FPO except for those APOs/FPOs to which restriction B2 applies.

Prepaid mail from military contractors is exempt, providing the mailpiece is endorsed "Contents for Official Use - Exempt from Customs Requirements."


B1 - Form 2976 or 2976-A is required Form 2976 or 2976-A is required. Articles are liable for customs duty and/or purchase tax unless they are bona fide gifts intended for use by military personnel or their dependents. When the contents of a parcel meet these requirements, the mailer must endorse the customs form, "Certified to be a bona fide gift, personal effects, or items for personal use of military personnel and dependents," under the heading, Description of Contents. Exceptions: All other exceptions listed in restriction B above are applicable to this restriction.

C1 - Obscene Articles & Comics Obscene articles, prints, paintings, cards, films, videotapes, etc., and horror comics and matrices are prohibited.


E2 - Objectional Material Any matter depicting nude or seminude persons, pornographic or sexual items, or nonauthorized political materials is prohibited. Although religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith are prohibited in bulk quantities, items for the personal use of the addressee are permissible.

F - Firearms Firearms of any type are prohibited in all classes of mail. See definitions of firearms in DMM C024.1.1C. This restriction does not apply to firearms mailed to or by official U.S. government agencies.


H1 - Pork Prohibited Pork or pork by-products are prohibited.

M - Fruits and Vegetables Fruits, animals, and living plants are prohibited.

R - Alcoholic Beverages All alcoholic beverages, including those mailable under DMM C021, are prohibited.


R1 - Alcoholic Beverages Materials used in the production of alcoholic beverages (i.e., distilling material, hops, malts, yeast, etc.) are prohibited.

U2 - Limited to First Class Letters Mail is limited to First-Class letters only when addressed to Box R.


V - Express Mail Military Service Express Mail Military Service (EMMS) not available from any origin.

Z1 - Anti-Pilferage Seal Required The following restriction is applicable only to International Service Centers (ISC)/Exchange Offices. An Anti-Pilferage Seal (Item No. O817E or O818A) is required on all pouches and sacks.


CAG's Donation Pics [Flickr]

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Having come from a military family, and having known many currently enlisted soldiers, I have this to say:

You don't have to like the war(s), you don't have to like our government, but to take it out on the boys and ladies in uniform is just poor sport.

This picture should say something, how some "crappy" games can brighten their day out there. For many it is a little slice of home. Just being able to pick up the controller and not think about the fact that 10 seconds after they put it down a little child could run up to them and blow them to pieces.

The fact that we can bitch and moan about game ratings or this week's industry drama is a sign that somehow those troops are doing their job.

So yeah, send them the games you don't play. Send them books, letters, anything. It keeps their spirits up.

Remember the old USO shows and all that? Some companies such as the WWE still do things like that. Sure they are publicity stunts overall, but it sure as hell makes those troops happy for a little while.

And if you think for one second this will give them "incentive to stay" you had better get outside and see how the real world works. I promise you, not one of those soldiers has ever thought "WOW! I GOT HALO3/MGS4/ETC, THIS IS TOTALLY WORTH RISKING MY ASS OVER, I THINK ILL RE-SIGN FOR ANOTHER TOUR!"

This might get me banhammered but I really don't care.

Thank you for posting this kotaku, and to all those that would say that the soldiers dont deserve it, or giving them a LAWL for the "crappy" games they get, you can bite me. Show some effing respect for the people who are doing what they feel is necessary to protect their country.