Bargon Wanchi Kox Paa, Lucas. Ho, ho hooo ...

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I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Captain Lucas where he is. Ha ha haaaaaa. Gizmodo had that thing midweek. It was made for a Star Wars celebration out in Japan. It reminds me of the Cardiff Giant, almost. Pretty light weekend. I went to The Container Store in San Jose on Saturday. There's something screwed up when I go to a mall not to buy shit, but to buy shit that holds shit. But anyway, once I get done with this I'm going to try to affix a bike rack to the wall, and that should be calamitous. It's drywall, so I have to break out the stud-finder. Insert stud-finder joke here. Some highlights from the weekend: This Is the Need For Speed: Undercover Trailer [Updated] Ghostbusters: The Video Game Hands-On Gears Of War 2 Features "Backwards Compatible" Linked Achievements Graduate School and Gaming: The Making of Winterbottom An Interdisciplinary Approach to More Powerful Games

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he froze himself till the technology reaches the level he needs it to be to produce episode 7,8 and 9. Oh and add new special effects to all the other episode.

When we first did JarJar in 99. The technology wasn't quite there. now with the effects we have in 2035. I can go back and readd a more realistic JarJar.