This Is the Need For Speed: Undercover Trailer [Updated]

UPDATE: I've had two different people email me to confirm this is in fact the trailer for Need For Speed: Undercover. One's a tester, the other was involved in its production. The trailer says it's coming out Nov. 18.


Also in the trailer, you can see the lovely Christina Milian, who has been rumored to be the latest NFS babe for some time. The trailer also points you to a website - Which Road to Take - which features a video screen of a police interrogation gone to the dogs. Click on the video's hotspots and you can see other teases about the game's story. Many readers have pointed out that the timestamp on the video always reads 08.20.08 - could that be the "official" reveal date? If so, someone seriously broke their NDA by getting this trailer out.

The fact that French-language Jeuxgames has it, and none of the other major video sites have put it up yet, is strange. My guess is they don't want to run afoul of NDA issues. Who knows. But it's legit.


Need for Speed Undercover Dated, Christina Milian Confirmed [Dark Zero via GamerCenterOnline]

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Most Wanted was very charming.

I had the time of my life running from

the cops.

Also I like more story in my games.

It makes everything a little more meaningful.

This sounds like you're some street racer

who gets caught and is recruited to be

an undercover cop, a little like Splinter Cell

Double Agent or something.