Banned Clothes Ripping Game Tears up Android

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Rip! Mosatsu wasn't family friendly enough for Apple's iOS, but Android's happy to have it. The app was based on the Mosatsu photobooks that feature "torn" photos of models, revealing their underwear.


Apple banned the app a few months after it hit the App Store, apparently as part of the company's war on smutty apps. The app's publisher did not receive any sort of concrete reason why the previously approved game was removed. Instead it was told "The standards have changed".


In Japan, the Mosatsu photobooks are popular and are not any more explicit than what one would find in magazines like Maxim. The books feature famous models and are published by Kodansha, Japan's largest publisher, and are relatively classy—well, as classy as something like this can get. (Full disclosure: I have written two books for Kodansha International.)

According to Japanese game site, Rip! Mosatsu is now available for Android. It is priced at ¥368 (US$4.58).

If anyone every asks you how the iOS and Android are different, tell them you can tear off clothes on Android, but not the iOS.

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リリース後2カ月で発禁になった幻のiPhoneアプリ『妄撮』がAndroidで復活! [ファミ通App]

(Top photo | Kodansha)

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would this be as much a problem if it was a bunch of dudes with rippling abs and chiseled pecs? no, its unlikely it would.

why people treat the human form as such a sensitive issue, especially the female form, is completely beyond me. The human body is beautiful, we shouldnt be trying to hide it all the time. I would love to know what these people think is gonna happen if we all get exposed to boobies.