In February, Apple's App Store declared war on titillation — for the sake of women and children! That war rages on.


Mosatsu is a series of popular photobooks published by Kodansha, one of Japan's largest publishers. (Full disclosure: I have written two books published by Kodansha International.) Mosatsu features famous female celebs like Megumi Ohori in posed photos with "tears" that show what underwear they are wearing.

An iPhone version, dubbed Rip! Mosatsu, was released last December for ¥350 (US$3.85). Here is the game in action.


It was approved for sale in December, but the app was yanked from the store this past February. Apple honcho Steve Jobs hates porn — this, however, is not porn.

Kodansha is not happy. It did not receive any sort of concrete reason why the game was removed. Instead it was told "The standards have changed". What exactly those standards are is not clear.

"It's strange that a title that already received approval has been deleted," said a Kodansha spokesperson. Strange, indeed.


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