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Bank Deficit Freezes EVE Accounts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

From the MMO-as-IRL file, EVE Online's biggest bank has frozen accounts for anyone who invested any kredits with it, after it was discovered that the bank is 380bn kredits in the hole, without the funds to cover player withdrawals.

EBank, the institution in question, was also hit by a naked fraud scheme earlier this year, in which an embezzler stole 200bn kredits and resold it all for real world cash. The episode caused an actual run on the virtual bank. Now its new chairman has admitted the bank's rampant mismanagement without following rules, safeguards and controls, has led to a 380 billion ISK shortfall.


The bank's board of directors report that it faces a deficit of about 1.2 trillion ISK, which increases about 12 billion ISK a month. According to the bank chief, "withdrawals will be allowed once the bank achieves a maintainable equity status of 90% (1.8t currently); they will be stopped again should that fall below 80%."


See? Aren't MMOs fun? You can escape from the global economic collapse to roleplay manage - a galactic economic collapse!

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