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Balloon Boy Game Announced for PC Worldwide

Illustration for article titled Balloon Boy Game Announced for PC Worldwide

Yesterday we explored the crossover between balloons in the news and video games. Today, certifying the saga of Balloon Boy as a true news event, someone made a flash game out of it - a flash-based side-scroller anyone can enjoy.


Balloon Boy will test your knowledge of rudimentary game physics as you decide which gulls to avoid and which to shoot during a journey through the American news cycle.


Protips: You need two shots to kill a gull. Just one to pick up time and rainbow goodies. Only one shot on screen at a time

Balloon Boy was developed by Immad Akhund, Jude Gomila and James Smith, three 25-year-olds. The game's purpose seems to ask "How Many $$$ of Taxpayer Money Can you Waste?"

Balloon Boy Game - Waste Taxpayer Money! [site via Game Politics]

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Komrade Kayce

Dumbass hoax.

The kid spilled the beans. #timewasters