A Cincinnati-area father took bad parenting to a new depth this past weekend by swiping his 9-year-old son's console and games and trading them all in for cash. What for exactly wasn't said, but the guy has a drug problem.


Joseph Phillips, 28, was visiting his son for the weekend at his ex-wife's home when the boy's mom had to do some errands and left the two alone. Phillips then rounded up the boy's console and games collection, which his mom valued at more than $1,000, and took them to a game reseller. Cops said he only got about 10 percent of their value in cash. Sounds like GameStop to me! Hope they remembered to ask if he wanted to preorder Mafia II.

Phillips told cops that he's a drug addict with a criminal history in Indiana. He's only facing misdemeanor charges here, not a felony, despite the value of the goods he stole.


Better yet, on Tuesday a judge signed a warrant for Phillips' arrest after he missed a court date. He told cops he was at Christian-based drug recovery program. God help him, indeed.

Dad Steals Son's Video Games, Sells Them [Cincinnati Enquirer via Hot Blooded Gaming]

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