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Backbreaker's "Greathouse" Patch Is Now Available

Although it wasn't out by Wednesday it didn't take much longer. Backbreaker's game-remaking "Greathouse" patch is available over both PSN and Xbox Live. See here for a rundown of everything it fixes and adds.


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I've enjoyed this game. But I'm starting to see some things that finally have irked me (getting to level 98 in Tackle Alley and having the game give you a reason to hate it helps).

There are some really questionable tackles, I mean beyond some of the absurdity of the canned an tackles Madden has crutched on in the 3D era.

First if I juke and at the last minute the defender goes for the shoelaces, I wind up flying through a lateral fall with no way to recover. Second, when a defender gets just a hand on my runner's arm (a tackle that 90% most pros can shake) I get taken to the turf harder than Kevin Nash taking a finger poke to the sternum from Hulk Hogan.

It's flaws like these that kinda ruin the immersion for me, because I now have to view defenses as bionic soldiers who hold more power in their fingers than an offensive player's entire body. I also have to view my Offensive player as being a weakling that at the change of a wind gust could fall to the turf.

PS: Still didn't know that it only rains at night.