Backbreaker: Vengeance is Official; Releasing Only on Xbox 360

Backbreaker: Vengeance, a variant on the original Backbreaker's wildly popular "Tackle Alley" mode, will be released for the Xbox 360 over Xbox Live this year by NaturalMotion and 505 Games. It's exclusive to the 360.

Panned at release, then shored up with a huge patch three months later, Backbreaker as a full football title fell short of many expectations but still acquired a diehard fanbase. Tackle Alley, which was a minigame available in the retail title - later on iOS devices - was a different story. In it, a runner navigates increasingly difficult obstacle courses and avoids AI defenders on the way to the end zone.

In December, Backbreaker 2: Vengeance hit the iPhone, adding in a mode where you play the defender trying to bring down the runner. This teaser video shows a few features I didn't see in Vengeance's mobile version (sliding, the blocking dummies, teammates assisting you). But whatever goes in the final release, it will be on Xbox 360 only.


Backbreaker: Vengeance Preview [Cheat Code Central]

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Why? Thats honestly the only word that comes to mind when I read this news. I mean... did anyone even care bout this game? And I'm not trying to troll I'm dead serious. I just think whether your a NCAA guy or a NFL guy the licence is part of the experience of the game.

Having fake-ass teams seems well... lame...