To: Ash
From: Crecente

I think we've all managed to return to our respective homes after nearly a week of E3-ing. Hope your trip home was uneventful and you had a nice day off. I spent the weekend recuperating up in the mountains. Today was all about churning out most of the rest of our coverage from the show. We have another half-days coverage or so and then we're officially done with E3 2008. Just in time too. San Diego Comic Con and all of it's video game exuberance kicks off Wednesday and rolls on through the weekend. We're actually sending McWhertor out to hit up the show and report back on all things video games. Of course, for those also interested in the comic and movie stuff coming out of the show, our Science Fiction site I09 will be there in full force, knocking it out of the ballpark daily, I suspect.

Oh, and don't forget. Game Club Beyond Good & Evil Meeting Two is tomorrow.

What you missed today:
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Fracture: Here Is Fracture
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Infinite Undiscovery: Jogging For A Long, Long Time

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