Back... For Now

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Friday, I Will Be Cleaning The Family Grave!

I got back yesterday from a whirlwind tour of Connecticut and Upstate New York looking for houses. We toured about 40 in four days, and found quite a few we'd love to move into. Now I just need to sell the house here in Colorado and then the move is on.


I appreciate your note about Gran Turismo 5 this morning, it sucks to have something like that happen. But we all make mistakes, I do just about daily.

Totilo is safely embedded at QuakeCon for the remainder of the week. Sunday McWhertor, Fahey and I all fly out to Germany to dig in for our GamesCom coverage. It looks like there's going to be a ton of news coming out of the event. Happy we're brining an extra body this year.

Work on our upcoming theme week is progressing nicely. I did an interview today with a guy who has a fascinating job, can't wait to write up the story.

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