Look, bullethead. If they're hiking through the jungle there's nothing I can do about it. I have a car. I am not Tarzan. I have been through every one-horse shithole for a two-hundred mile radius. You should have seen the river I had to traverse this morning. So don't give me any of your crap, you gutless wonder. You have been an embarrassment to our family ever since the day you were born! And let me tell you something else, Ira ...

Considered a flop when the rough cut was shown, Romancing the Stone got Robert Zemeckis fired as the director of Cocoon. That wasn't a bad film. But it wasn't Back to the Future which Zemeckis ended up directing instead. And Romancing the Stone ended up being not a flop, either. I must have watched it 17 times on HBO. I can quote Danny DeVito's scene at the payphone from memory.

Anyway, here are the best values in video gaming this weekend.


• Tuesday, Oct. 18 release Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360, PS3) best pre-order is $59.99 w/ $10 bonus credit & comic from Amazon. Also October 18-22 in Kmart stores only, Arkham City comes with $30 coupon for future gaming purchases and $10 coupon for Nov.1 release Lord of the Rings: War in the North for ShopYourWay Rewards members (free to join). [Dealzon]


• Tues. Oct. 18 release Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One (PS3) best deal is $59 w/ $10 Buy.com Credit. October 18-22 in Kmart stores only, All 4 One comes with $20 gaming coupon for Rewards members. [Dealzon]

• Tues. Oct. 18 release The Sims 3 Pets: Limited Edition (PS3, Xbox 360) is $49.95 w/ a $20 credit towards buying The Sims 3 from Amazon. PC/Mac DVD comes with $10 Amazon credit for $39.95, or PC download is 20 percent off, at $31.99. [Dealzon]

• This Thursday's Oct. 13 release Might & Magic: Heroes VI (PC Download) is $39.99 from Amazon. Next best is $50. [Dealzon]


• Nov. 8 release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) is $47.99 with coupon, free ship from NewEgg this Saturday and Sunday. Next best are $58, $56, and $56. Amazon is at full price, but offers $10 credit towards buying Turtle Beach CoD:MW3 Ear Force gaming headset. [Dealzon]

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PC/Mac Download) is $11.99 from Amazon. Next best is $40. [Dealzon]

• December release Assassin's Creed: Revelations (PC Download) is still $34.99 (30 percent off) at Amazon. Battlefield 3's 30 percent off from Wednesday is dead. [Dealzon]


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Collector's Edition (PS3, Xbox 360) is $19.99, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $33 from Deep Discount. [Dealzon]

Prince of Persia Trilogy HD (PS3) is $19.99, pick up from ToysRus. As of Friday it was out of stock for shipping. Next best is $30 at Amazon. [Dealzon]

Sport Champions PlayStation Move game is $9.99, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $18. [Dealzon]



• Xbox 360 4GB console w/ Kinect Bundle with $75 Amazon Credit for $299.99 is still available. [Dealzon]

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters PlayStation Move Bundle (Eye Camera, Controller) is $74.99, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $83. [Dealzon]


• HP's percentage coupons from Wednesday are still working to make lowest ever prices for 17.3" dv7t Quad Edition, 15.6" dv6t Quad Edition, and Envy 14 Core i5, Core i7, and Beats Edition configs. [Dealzon]

• Dell has a new $815 coupon to drop an Alienware Aurora Desktop with Quad Core i7-960, 6GB RAM, Radeon HD 6870 to $1,099. Decent value considering Dell's standard sale page offers Core i5-2300, 4GB RAM, Dual 1GB GeForce GT 545 for $1,199. [Dealzon]

• Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD 2.5" Upgrade Kit SH100S3B/240G is $404.99 after rebate, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $484. Got "Best Performance" award from TweakTown. [Dealzon]


Digital Distribution

The following listing of digital download bargains are grouped by distributor. For more, see Deals4Downloads' roundup.
Ship Simulator Extremes is $7.95, save 73 percent.
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Mac) is $11.99, save 70 percent.
Dream Pinball 3D is $3.72, save 63 percent.
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is $11.99, save 60 percent.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Standard Edition is $33.33, save 33 percent.
Assassin's Creed Revelations is $34.99, save 30 percent.

Tropico 3 is $3.40, save 66 percent.
Tropico 4 is $33.99, save 15 percent.


Crazy Machines 2 is $14.95, save 25 percent.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is $53.95, save 10 percent.

Syberia Pack is $7.49, save 50 percent.

Age of Booty is $4.99, save 50 percent.
Street Fighter IV is $19.95, save 33 percent.
Dead Rising 2 is $29.95, save 25 percent.


A.I.M 2 is $2.98, save 70 percent.
Super Meat Boy is $9.98, save 33 percent.
Two Worlds II Castle Defense is $7.99, save 20 percent.

Alone in the Dark 1+2+3 is $2.99, save 50 percent.
Outcast is $2.99, save 50 percent.

MinerWars 2081 Pre-Alpha is $13.95, save 70 percent.
THQ Ultimate Bundle is $99.99, save 66 percent.


iTunes Store
The Sims 3 (iPhone) is $0.99, save 86 percent.
Battlefield Bad Company 2 (iPhone) is $0.99, save 67 percent.
Tetris (iPhone) is $0.99, save 67 percent.

Homefront is $14.99, save 50 percent.
The Baconing is $7.49, save 50 percent.
Metro 2033 is $13.33, save 33 percent.
Darksiders is $13.33, save 33 percent.

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