To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Introducing LittleBigFoot Today was the worst day in a long, long time. (And it wasn't so bad...) Woke up this morning, tried turning on my MacBook Pro, but the screen remained black. Worst. Possible. Scenario. Fiddled with it, nothing seemed to work. The sucky part: I had spent a good several hours yesterday writing the magazine article I went to Tokyo for this past Monday, and I didn't yet back up on my external hard drive or print out a hard copy as I didn't think my computer would crap out this morning. There it was on that desktop, and I helplessly tried to get the MacBook to respond. It wouldn't. De-pressing. Hoping I could get it fixed quick, I went to the Apple Store in Shinsaibashi right when it opened. Dude there told me to come back at 3pm. Raced back home, tried to blog as much as I could, but using my wife's computer was slow and cumbersome. It's hard to swing someone else's axe, you know? You want to use your own axe. After installing programs she was lacking, trying unsuccessfully for what seemed like gajillion years to get it to do stuff, I hopped on a train back to the Apple Store, where the same dude took a look at my laptop and said: "Yep, this is kinda strange." He took it in the back (to unscrew it?), came back out and said they needed to send the MacBook off to get fixed. That would take ten days and he told me they could not guarantee the safety of the computer's data. Ten days, huh? America will have a new president before I have a fixed computer. That's kinda trippy. (Oh, and a new dog — fantastic present. I kinda want a cat. I've never had one. Only dogs.) What you missed last night NXE Impressions: Creating An Avatar, Playing With My Xbox Ghostbusters Gets Publisher, Release Window Gears (The Movie) Sticking Close To Gears (The Game) DS Lite Shipments Surpass Game Boy Advance's… Activision Cock-Blocking Brutal Legend Release

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