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Today in Japan, Nintendo Co., Ltd. announced its first-half financial results for the April 2008 — September 2008 period. Let's look at the hard numbers. Since hitting the market handheld Nintendo DS hit shipments of 84.33 million units worldwide, surpassing the 81.36 shipped Game Boy Advance units. Software shipments for the Nintendo DS hit 454.63 million units with Nintendogs shipments coming in at 20 million worldwide.Nintendo has shipped 34.55 million Wii units and 229.85 million software units. Wii Fit has shipped 8.7 million units worldwide. Looking ahead, while Nintendo has maintained its annual sales forecast of two trillion yen even with the strong yen thanks to increased shipment forecasts for DS software, Wii software and Wii hardware. Nintendo DS software forecast are increased to 207 million from 197 million, Wii hardware to 27.5 million from 26.5 million and Wii software to 200 million from 186 million. The company's annual forecast for operational, recurring and net profits have been lowered. [Pic]


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