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Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs
Jan 6

I drift in and out of paying attention to the this is the first I’m hearing about Gootecks descent into fuckery. It’s disappointing.

Dec 1

Me: “You know, games should really broaden the scope of sex and or sexuality within the medium. I’d like to see some bigger budget games really take a crack at this so that it might make the creation of that genre more appealing and acceptable 

[Monkey’s Paw curls a finger]

Nov 9

He mentioned Wargroove in the second paragraph and the rest of the article is explaining his reasoning for the comparison to Advance Wars and the very specific way this game reminds him of it. Sometimes it pays to go beyond the headline before you comment.

Oct 28

I hadn’t heard of this place until yesterday, and after spending 15+ minutes stumbling through it, I kept thinking “This is the house from Resident Evil 7, only with the lights turned on.”

Oct 22

Wow, deeply weird that an Ubisoft creative director from back in their rampant sexual harassment wild boy days would have a flagrant yellow peril take. Just curious and curiouser.

Oct 21

One of these dudes for sure bought like $100 in Ultimate Team packs and ended up with like an ultra rare Philip Rivers and just snapped.

Oct 12

It’s good that she understands the problem and has no malice towards Nintendo on this one. To answer the question posed in the article, the difference is largely optics (if she’s a big Tiktok entertainer then Nintendo would absolutely notice her more than random etsy or deviantart pages) and two her intent to Read more

Sep 28

Did they patch out the ability of 2 year olds to get into drunken brawls? Because that happened to me last time I played.

Sep 28

not to mention, this is one of the shittier cons

both in terms of offerings and management

Sep 14

A “misconfigured Elasticsearch cluster” sounds like a narrative contrivance that might prevent Doc Brown from sending the DeLorean back to 1985.

Sep 14

As someone who worked at gamestop a long time, I guarantee they will do everything they can to get people not to buy the digital only xbox. 

Sep 13

I’ll credit Chuck for sticking to his guns here, he’s explained why he’s absent from the game on Inside the NBA for the last few years. Read more

Sep 2

These are great. It’s illuminating to see the walk cycles abstracted from their games like he says, but it’s also remarkable how quickly they evoke the games they come from. Hell, just seeing the Bloodborne one makes me want to play it again.

Aug 27

Lots of people should realize that these conspiracies are borderlines to domestic terrorism in the name of “National Security”. There isn’t anything secure about shooting up people that want accountability in the police, there isn’t anything secure in kidnapping back foster children because qanon said so. To believe Read more

Aug 27

Didn’t take long for the dipshits to appear complaining about this article being “political” when it’s commenting on a game that is deliberately portraying cold war politics for fun.

Aug 20

As someone who works in advertising/marketing for video games, this is definitely something that I could see being pitched, loved by whatever group brainstormed it and by the client. Read more

Aug 18

I gave it an honest shake, about 10 hours, then I uninstalled and went back to playing Three Kingdoms. I’m glad Troy exists, it might get better with time, it was also free, but it is so so so boring on both the tactical and strategic level. On the latter level, as the review said, you are constantly spammed with Read more

Aug 13

As someone who works in the gaming industry, a 30% cut does suck. It only gets harder the smaller you are too. So part of me is like “Yeah, lower that amount!” But Epic isn’t small and I feel like this is going to get pretty ugly. I don’t really like the approach Epic is taking. They were definitely ready for this to Read more

Aug 13

The whole 1984 angle and having all of this response prepared in advance really put a sour taste in my mouth. Trying to create this weird public discourse and use your arguably easily-influenced fan base to try and get what you want is...I mean, it’s on brand but it’s really gross. The extremely public and Read more