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6/07/21 10:36PM

Right, but that’s just basically a preorder shopfront, seeing as the game’s development always has and always will be actually funded by Gearbox (obviously, since a proper studio would burn through $1.5 million in no time).

5/25/21 10:44PM

i dont know why they say it supports 3 players, my first game was with 3 players and it barely even functioned! it’s just not enough to foster suspicion properly (or allow the endgame to work), and the enforced sleepover events with such a small, odd number were very punitive as well.

5/25/21 10:42PM

The blood test is in the game! But it’s a rare card draw, and doesn’t reveal the player’s status to EVERYONE, just one other person.

5/23/21 9:15PM

There are pros and cons to the board game space being “smaller” than video games, in the sense that there just aren’t as many walls between the users and creators. The cons are seeing the assholes all the time! The pros are creators being able to just do this.

5/18/21 9:43PM

At least the Bowser one was like, OK, I had a few lying around already, whatever, but needing this specific one in this case is a definite nothankyou.

5/18/21 9:31PM

Seeing a trend with this lately, and it sucks. The Bowser’s Fury ability to trigger him whenever you wanted with a Bowser amiibo was also some bullshit.

5/17/21 11:29PM

I nearly added something to that effect. You can SMELL this footage.

5/11/21 3:01AM

yup. they were getting it so, so right back when the ultra boost and NMD first dropped, but when that gravy train ran out in 2018ish they’ve been reaching and releasing the most unimaginative, depressing collabs imaginable. the lego and recent star wars stuff has been some real kmart shit. 

5/04/21 10:31PM

He means it was continually above 70, but was spiking at times to 90.

5/02/21 10:50PM

yeah, this is absolutely about promoting unreal engine, not DIRECTLY like we’d think of with ads, but more in just establishing it via this community and its marketplace as an even stronger force than it already is.