Ian Walker
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Mar 15

just above getting hit by a blarg dropship. at least the bus is terrestrial.

Mar 2

from what i understand, the ps5 and switch versions were published by frogwares itself and aren’t part of this controversy, so you’re probably safe with those.

Feb 23

she’s been promoting herself as “the original voice of siri” for almost a decade even though apple has never confirmed it. i think the company just doesn’t care, which is interesting.

Feb 11

i have zero faith in capcom producing a worthwhile darkstalkers reboot. give it to someone else.

Feb 3

you’re absolutely right, thank you for pointing that out. we’ve gone through and corrected the language.

Jan 26

smeagol found the ring almost 500 years before bilbo met gollum in the hobbit, which itself is dozens of years removed from the lord of the rings. lots of potential time to explore!

Dec 23

i don’t think i’ve ever been more charmed by a video game. just a wonderful little world.

Dec 23

believe me, it was in an early draft of my top 10, but i just didn’t feel like i had spent enough time with it to justify leaving one of these games out. it’s very good though! hoping to play more over the holidays.

Dec 1

oh yeah the party members can get bumped all over the place for all i care. it’s like they try to get in your way lol.