Ian Walker
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Dec 23

i don’t think i’ve ever been more charmed by a video game. just a wonderful little world.

Dec 23

believe me, it was in an early draft of my top 10, but i just didn’t feel like i had spent enough time with it to justify leaving one of these games out. it’s very good though! hoping to play more over the holidays.

Dec 1

oh yeah the party members can get bumped all over the place for all i care. it’s like they try to get in your way lol.

Nov 25

oh wow! i looked around to see if it was A Thing in the original but couldn’t find anything. that’s wild lol.

Nov 18

heck yeah, i love ymfah’s videos. some of the most fun souls stuff.

Nov 11

yep! i was very happy about being able to repair my weapon and equipment all at once.

Sep 28

it’s not free anywhere, i don’t think. had to break out my own blu-ray for this one.

Sep 18

my high school had an auditorium with a big projector and a few of us got to play mario kart and tekken on it one time. not as bad as you’d think!

Sep 9

he literally says there was no bug. only one game—civ v—includes a reference to the nuke-heavy behavior, and that was in 2010, two years before the bug theory was even a thing. Read more