Ian Walker
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Apr 8

I’m playing this for the first time right now and I literally just completed this level this morning. I had every experience described, including choking at the last and dying in trying to get the shine. With the notable exception that I didn’t randomly figure out this dismount glitch(?). Read more

Apr 6

To be fair, canonically SFV takes place before SFIII, so maybe he hasn’t developed the confidence to free ball yet?

Mar 24

With or without the shadow buff, Wii Fit Trainer is still believed to be a firmly middle-of-the-road fighter, which is a shame for how fun they are to watch in high-level play.
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Mar 23

That game is scary as hell. Fuck that village, those hard puzzles, those damn characters and all the scary shit in that game. Whoever came up with Mundaun is a twisted sumbitch.

Mar 16

... ooh. Idea. Fortnite is Hell for Peely. He’s actually some sort of alien warlord and his eternal punishment is to be a grinning, cheerful mascot who gets murdered brutally over and over. Enjoy that soul balm, folks!

Mar 5

Not a R6:Siege player either, but also in total agreement that these designs are amazing. I love the flavour of them and though they clash spectacularly with Siege’s overall aesthetic, which incidentally is what makes them work so well.

Feb 25

“What are you doing with your life?”
“You’re playing that Avengers game.”

Feb 24

I spoof in this game. I have a burner account that exists to trade me and some friends the regionals and a couple pokemon that are so rare they might as well not exist. Read more

Feb 21

I will continue to be amazed until the I’m lowered into my grave that the idea of “maybe the princess can save herself once in a while” absolutely fucking shattered so many adult brains into of millions pieces.

just...just jaw-to-the-floor astounded to this day.

Feb 3

the ability to switch between graphics engines is one of the features microsoft and no one else has pressed for remasters and I don’t understand why more remasters don’t do it, it’s fairly simple and is a great way to appease fans who want easy ways to play the games as they were originally intended.

Jan 27

I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching hedge fund parasites get a good and proper comeuppance while simultaneously demonstrating the need for aggressive Wall Street reform. Read more

Jan 8

In my experience, this is pretty common for the game! Every time I’ve started a new character on my server, someone has eventually either asked me to join their guild and then showered me in Gil or randomly started chatting with me while I’m questing in the general chat. Really easy to make friends and chill with Read more

Dec 11

Good management ability should be rewarded. If anything, that would send symbolic signals that hopefully will shift the culture of game development. Hearing how Hades was developed made me want to play the game more, and that is something we should promote.