Ian Walker
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Jan 8

In my experience, this is pretty common for the game! Every time I’ve started a new character on my server, someone has eventually either asked me to join their guild and then showered me in Gil or randomly started chatting with me while I’m questing in the general chat. Really easy to make friends and chill with Read more

Dec 11

Good management ability should be rewarded. If anything, that would send symbolic signals that hopefully will shift the culture of game development. Hearing how Hades was developed made me want to play the game more, and that is something we should promote.

Oct 27

Well, fudge. I wasn’t thinking about ever playing this at all, but that’s a pretty neat costume...

Oct 22

For max immersion, it’d be cool if the Ikenfell cats actually deduct some of your HP if you try to save repeatedly. Cats will definitely let you know when they’ve had enough attention.

Oct 12

You say that, but the character probably ends up being the ghost of a dog that is possessing a female android or some shit.

Oct 5

A minute ago I hadn’t even thought of Kiryu in Smash Bros.. Now I want it almost as much as I want Trump to die of covid.

Sep 23

I love hearing those kind of stories about technical challenges and problem solving in videogame design. Hook them to my veins.

Sep 21

All I know is the remaster better have puddles.  Lots and lots of puddles. Puddles on walls. Puddles in the sky. All with accurate reflections. 

Sep 17

Oh my god, yes! This is my favorite opening in a Mario game. They always dance around Bowser taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, but here he launches a full strike on a peaceful toad festival AND rips Peach’s castle into space AND pretty much murders Mario right off the bat. Read more

Sep 15

Gee, it’s almost as if a people have different relationships or experiences with certain imagery and there’s no blanket “I’m okay/not okay with this, that anyone should put 100% credence into. Read more