Kate Gray
Kate Gray is a British games writer based in Montreal. She has worked for Xbox, GameSpot, and Official Nintendo Magazine, before it went to that big newsagents in the sky. RIP.
Jun 28 2019

It’s a pretty good article and it must have broken my brain since I read your handle as “Milk Mee” and I thought the article is now attracting folks with very specific tastes... so to speak. 

Jun 28 2019

A standard coffee cup is about 150ml, and the average ejaculation volume is 3ml, so you’d need 50 men to produce a cup of semen. If you hired “milkers” who could get each dude off in about 10 minutes, it would take a little over 8 hours to produce one beverage. If you’re paying them NYC minimum wage ($15) this works Read more

Jun 28 2019

This is one of the best articles I’ve read this week. Please keep ‘em cumming!

Jun 14 2019

Cool to see all the right wingers and concern trolls come out to criticize a game that's clearly not meant for them.

Apr 8 2019

This is quality gaming journalism. My Monday is so much better for having read this. Thank you.

Jan 18 2019

I’ve got a lovely bunch of slappy butts
There they are, all standing in a row
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head
Give them a twist a flick of the wrist
That’s what the showman said

Jan 13 2019

That’s a pretty nice salary for 10 hour work. 

Jan 7 2019

For the record, I’d have called it The Legend of Throbbin’ Hood, but that name has probably already been taken.

Jan 6 2019

I wasn’t that worried, just being a snarky ass. You’re doing an awesome job, thanks!

Jan 6 2019

It’s okay, we didn’t need those newfangled comics anyways. Back in *MY* day, we had REAL webcomics! Like Bob and George, the Bad Boys of Computer Science, Bruno the Bandit, Adventurers!, Checkerboard Nightmare, and Doctor McNinja! And we couldn’t just log in to read them, like you lazy kids today! No, if we wanted to Read more

Jan 5 2019

Years ago, in the game, I made a tiny house with a couple living in it. It had glass walls and no doors to the outside — I called it the fishbowl experiment. The couple I had living in it had to sustain themselves entirely without access to the world — freelance painting and programming did the bulk of that. Read more

Oct 12 2018

Bless you Kate ^^
I played and loved this game when it came out, glad to see it getting some well deserved appreciation

Jul 2 2018

Serious kudos on the phrase "whap their baps out" it really just nails the tone in a satisfying linguistic way.