Yakuza 0 Is Really Cheap On PC Right Now

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If your New Year’s resolution was to continue building your unplayed pile of shame to unsustainable heights, then you’ll be delighted to know that the first Humble Monthly bundle of 2019 features two excellent games for $12: Yakuza 0 and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Play The Division if you like—although it’s only two more months until the March 15 release of the sequel—but don’t miss out on the salaryman-beat-em-up, karaoke-sing-em-up, turkey-bowl-em-up game that is Yakuza 0. It’s a game so ludicrously earnest and bonkers that it tends to go ignored by people who think it’s nothing but an open-world mafia game with way too much talking and the occasional wacky side-quest, like Grand Theft Auto but with fewer cars and more Japan.

With a $12 price tag, it’s time to find out just how wrong you are.

Why should you shell out the price of a coffee (two coffees? I don’t drink coffee) for a four-year-old prequel to a bunch of games you probably also haven’t played?


Kotaku’s review gave a glowing recommendation, and our own Luke Plunkett really wants you to play Yakuza. Don’t let Luke down. Also, you can play Yakuza 6 afterwards, which has made it onto quite a few 2018 GOTY lists.

If that doesn’t convince you, perhaps Humble can. Their $12 monthly subscription—which you can cancel after you’ve downloaded everything you want, with no penalty—also gives you access to the Humble Trove, a repository of over 60 DRM-free and original games. If you’ve used Humble Bundle before, you’ll know that it can be a bit hit-and-miss, but the hits are usually good enough to more than make up for the misses.

Humble Trove includes well-known games like Super Meat Boy, Trine, and Limbo, but we recommend checking out party game Keyboard Sports, organizational strategy Wilmot’s Warehouse and murder mystery The Sexy Brutale.

But first, you should be playing Yakuza 0. Why are you still here? Go. GO.

Kate Gray is a British games writer based in Montreal. She has worked for Xbox, GameSpot, and Official Nintendo Magazine, before it went to that big newsagents in the sky. RIP.

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Absolutely worth it for anyone who likes lavish period pieces, JRPG’s, beat-’em-ups, real estate management, crime soap operas, dating sims, the 1980's, humour, food, karaoke or whiskey.

And to the people complaining it's $8 cheaper and with other stuff: yes, it is, but if you actually play the game there's no way in hell it's not giving you $20 worth of enjoyment, and buying early and at full price is a better indication there is a fanbase here for the content on PC. I'm happy to pay an $8 premium to show Sega there's a Western appetite for the series.