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My exit post is this video, just for you. Thank you for the well-wishes! Read more

Yeah, I remember playing the very first one (in an era where lots of RPGs still got very bad translations!) and being blown away by how funny it was. Read more

It’s better in this one -- you get a LOT of coins for battling, and there’s a lot of stuff you can buy besides just more weapons. There are accessories that bump your stats, for example, and other places to spend money. Battles will net you at least a couple hundred coins even if you screw up the puzzles, and I’ve Read more

I wish there was a Blu-ray! I imagine you’re more likely to get your wish than me. Read more

Yes - it’ll eventually come to Oculus Quest, Steam VR, and Viveport. Read more

Yeah, this is probably part of the calculus as to why Nintendo stepped back from monthly updates - they’re running out of games that they own free and clear and can post at any time.

I wonder what the plan is for the EarthBound series. Read more

I think 3D World is just a matter of timing - Mario Odyssey hit Switch very early, then the port of Mario U, then Mario Maker 2... they have to spread those Mario games out, so I imagine 3D World will actually hit very soon, and then the next thing will be whatever the Tokyo team is cooking up as a follow-up to Read more

I considered it, but seeing as how the PSP models (not counting the Go, of course) were all extremely similar, it didn’t strike me as something that would be worth splitting out into three entries to say “This one was slightly lighter.” The difference between the GBA SP models is a game-changer though. Read more

Whoops, that was a mistake on our part! It’s been corrected to 2009. Read more

Why did I forget to put this into the piece?! Yes, this is absolutely true. Look for a stamped/embossed two-digit alphanumeric code on all Game Boy games’ labels. Read more

I don’t know. I could go buy a poster of the Mona Lisa but that doesn’t mean the real one’s not worth anything. Read more

Actually, this was a mistake - like PlayStation 1 and 2, Saturn fakes won’t run on original consoles. I’ve corrected this. Read more

Yeah, I think that would be a very smart next step for the developer, at this point. The games are very similar in design to Link’s Awakening, so all the work that went into this should be easily transferable (as “easy” as game design gets, that is). Read more

Yep, it’s Civilization 6. I guess I had “PlayStation 4" on the brain when I typed that. Fixed now (in both places)! Read more

*slaps hood of article* this bad boy can fit so few pageviews in it

Read more